We, Abhay Induction are the foremost companies for Supplier of rectifier SCR for Inductotherm in Gujarat, India. It is a 3 terminals and 4 layer semiconductor current controlling device. Silicon Controlled rectifier are constructed from silicon. They are usually used for converting high AC current to DC current (rectification). They are also used in other applications such as regulation of power, inversion, etc. Also used in most of the industrial applications It has an ability to handle high value of current and Voltage.

We supply the best products that are fabricated by our specialist using their highly advanced skills and the quality approved raw materials. SCR’s feature is to turn ON or OFF and its switching is controlled by biasing conditions and gate input terminal. These results in varying the average power delivered at the load, by varying the ON periods of the SCR. It can handle several thousands of voltages and currents. We are one of the leading Supplier of rectifier SCR for Inductotherm in Gujarat, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, gandhinagar, Delhi, etc and also supply in Uae, Pakistan, Indonesia.

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