Manufacturer And Supplier Of Dual Track Induction Furnace In India

Abhay Induction presents The Dual Track Induction Furnace, that’s appropriate in use and has lengthy provider life. The enterprise is positioned in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) and affirms to provide the complete array of merchandise to each and every corner. It is the double output strength deliver to be had to foundry guys for maximum usage of mounted KVA.

Here one power supply supports two furnaces where one is used for melting and other to control temperature. These structures permit simultaneous sharing of strength among furnaces in any ratio inside the rated strength. Infinite strength sharing characteristic has the capacity to boom the KVA usage index via way of means of as much as 25-30%. Field reviews suggest an extended steel output of 25-30% with ET Double – Track in comparison to unmarried output strength supplies. We, Abhay Induction are the foremost Dual Track Induction Furnace manufacturer and supplier in India. Induction heating is a technique that’s used to bond, harden or melt metals or different conductive materials. For many present day production processes, induction heating gives an appealing aggregate of speed, consistency and control. Induction furnace is used for smelting or insulating ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, sponge iron, which include scrap iron, scrap metal, copper, aluminum and so on. The entire working equipment such as continuous rolling mill, casting machine, mainly used for the production of steel bar, I-beam, angle steel, H-beam, billet, etc

Dual Track Melting Furnaces Manufacturer in India
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