Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Induction Furnace for Aluminium Melting in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Being prominent manufacturer of Induction Furnace for Aluminium Melting, Abhay Induction provides the high quality of furnace that is fabricated by our skilled professional. It is designed especially for the purpose of melting lower density metal, employing exactly the right temperatures and uniformly distributing the heat. The main benefits of this furnace are they are easy to install, pollution free and it works automatically.

Also, using an induction melting furnace for preparation is that the heat source does not come into direct contact with the aluminum. This process allows producing aluminum alloys, because the electrical field which passes through the molten aluminum constantly stirs the metal as it is melted. It is highly capable in melting aluminium for pressure die casting, die casting, and sand casting. This type of modern process allows for much more precise temperature control and faster melting of aluminum. The water circulating also helps to prevent overheating of the metals. This furnace offers low emission, reduction of losses due to oxidation, and they permit a much greater degree of purity and uniformity in the end product.

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