Abhay Induction is well known company for Supplier of Inverter SCR for Inductotherm in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. A strength inverter may be totally digital or can be a mixture of mechanical effects (together with a rotary apparatus) and digital circuitry. The inverter does now no longer produce any strength; the strength is supplied via way of means of the DC supply. Also, we manufacture and supply our products like SCR DIODE for Induction Furnace, Snubbed Diode, Snubbed Capacitor for West code SCR and Diode which is a supplier of phase control products into demanding markets such as Marine/rail propulsion systems, wind power converters,  industrial DC/AC drives, Induction melting, Electrochemical power supplies and soft starters. We are one of the leading Suppliers of rectifier SCR for Inductotherm in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, gandhinagar, etc and also supply in Uae, Pakistan, Indonesia.


  • It cost is low.
  • Using fuse SCR can be protected.
  • It is able to control AC power.
  • It is simple to control.
  • It can handle large voltage, current and power.
  • It is easily turned on
  • The circuit of SCR is simple
SCR DIODE for Induction Furnace Supplier in India
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