Manufacturer And Supplier Of Inductotherm Alternative Furnace In India

Abhay Induction is the well known supplier of Inductotherm alternative furnace. Aussietherm provides induction heating equipment for various types of geometry and material sections in the hot forming process ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Built to operate in harsh environments of forging, we offer the forging industry the latest generation of industrially proven systems. In advance, our forging technology provides special advantages for the forging industry. Also include the new induction camp heating system, which uses standardized modules, and provides elasticity in power, mechanical assembly, and operation controls. The alternative furnaces are as follow:

Boiler:  Boilers use water that is heated in order to warm your home.  Typically they do not dry out your home as much as a normal furnace. Boilers use aluminum fins and copper pipes in order to heat your home, but they do not take up as much room as the duct-work needed for a furnace

Radiant Heat:  In general terms, radiant heat is simply heat under your floors or in your walls that heats your home.  In this way, especially if the heat comes from the floor-the heat is being transferred to the person instead of to the air.  Radiant Heat is great for additions so you do not have to worry about extending duct work from your furnace.

Steel Frame Furnaces Manufacturer in Gujarat

Geothermal Heating:  Geothermal systems are initially more expensive than a regular furnace.  However, they are incredibly energy efficient so you earn back the money you spent.  These systems use the hot or cool temperatures from the ground to heat or cool your home.

Benefits of Inductotherm Alternative Furnace:-

  • intellectual equipment, operate easily, highly stable
  • Highly efficient and energy consumption fewer than 550KWH/T
  • Electronic components using familiar brands at home and out of the country
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