Manufacturer And Supplier Of SCR DIODE for Induction Furnace In India

Abhay Induction is foremost SCR Diode for induction furnace, Silicon controlled rectifier are used in power control applications such as power delivered to electric motors, relay controls or induction heating elements where the power delivered has to be controlled. We provide work for highly expert engineers, technologists and skilled workers to manufacture our customized products. All our furnace parts are valued for the key properties such as well-designed, high performance and superior resistance to voltage fluctuation. All our electrical parts are made according to the set standards of the industry.

These SCR diodes come electrically insulated from mounting base plate so as to provide for easy mounting support. SCR Diode for induction furnace is made up of silicon materials which controls high power and converts high AC current into DC current (rectification). Hence, it is named as silicon controlled rectifier.  Some of its attributes  include ceramic disc type seal, suitable for applications like big power transformer, AC & DC motor control, AC & DC switch; high DV/DT capability & DI/DT capability, superior surge ratings and process reliability, can also be offered as per customer requirements. They are mainly used in devices where the possibly coupled with high voltage, control of high power is demanded. Their operation makes them suitable for use in medium- to high-voltage AC power control applications, such as power regulators, lamp dimming, and motor control.

SCR DIODE for Induction Furnace Supplier in India
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