Manufacturer And Supplier Of Dura Line Induction Furnace In India

Aussietherm is famous for its best quality of Dura line induction furnace which is fabricated by our well known specialist having more than 2 decades of experience using their vast knowledge regarding our product. These machines are best for while you need huge furnace capabilities in a midsize induction furnace meter. These green and dependable induction melting furnaces provide excessive operational performance with an extensive preference of capacities in a budget-pleasant package.

Dura Line Industrial Furnaces are hydraulic tilt type furnaces, available in versions of nose tilt, lip insert and double trunnion insert. Its frame is built up of heavy, forged refractory pinnacle and backside sections with stainless-steel reinforcement, imparting a sturdy and inflexible guide for the heavy-duty, copper strength coil and the operating lining. The complete-segment forged metallic aspect plate’s entire the shape and offer mounting guide for the tilting trunnion and hydraulic tilting cylinders. Large diameter vertical and horizontal stainless-steel tie rods make certain entire structural integrity. The identical production is used for hoist or hydraulic tilting furnaces, imparting single-trunnion movement and “nose-title” pouring. For the front exiting leads, a steel splash plate throughout the front of the furnace offers complete safety to the coil at some stage in melting and pouring and is without problems eliminated to attach the water-cooled leads and for maintenance. Hydraulically operated furnaces are supplied with stanchions that shield the cylinders and hydraulic piping. This furnace is used to melt aluminum, steel, copper, brass, gold, silver, etc.

Duraline Induction Furnace Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, Vadodara, Gandhinagar
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